Designing a multimodal
approach to career guidance

With the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Union

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Ongoing changes in the world of work and the growing demand for career guidance are leading funders and stakeholders to rethink the « traditional » modes of delivery.
While new technologies are often seen as an essential factor for optimizing and improving access to career guidance services, experiences show questionable efficiency of algorithmic and self-service approaches to e-guidance.
At the same time, the lack of evidence-based research limits the development of innovative and effective blended counseling solutions (see « Overview of Key Developments in the Use of ICT in Lifelong Guidance », Vuorinen R., Kettunen J. , 2017).
Moreover, the current models of services encounter limits in terms of personalization of service (structured diagnosis of the situation of the beneficiaries and definition of learning objectives of guidance), identification and recognition of informal learning, transversal skills and soft skills (particularly with regard to increasingly irregular career paths) and support for entrepreneurship (in its « human capital » dimension).
The purpose of the project is to reinforce, in an innovative and practical way, the power to act of individuals by acting on two levers: autonomy and valorization. Autonomy of a person is linked to the work on career management skills, including within the context of a career goal that includes entrepreneurship. The valorization (open badge) is done by taking into account of the informal and transversal socio-emotional competences (soft skills).

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