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Deliverables will be developed based on research and European good practices in the use of ICT in career guidance (O1), career management skills (O2), entrepreneurial skills (O3) and soft skills (O6), in order to design tools that are easily integrable into existing guidance practices. From these elements, a multimodal educational path will be developed (O4), implemented (O5) and tested (O7, O8) by 24 consultants with 330 beneficiaries in 4 countries. An impact study is planned during the test phase to validate the prototype model and provide the guidance community with evidence for further development of blended delivery of career guidance.
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State of the art: Comparative study of digital practices in career guidance and perception of users (typology and mapping of existing tools and resources, conditions for success)



Methodology for co-constructing of a personalized guidance pathway based on career management skills (research report, set of indicators and method for situation analysis and co-definition of learning objectives of guidance)


Handbook to support the « human capital » dimension of entrepreneurship career goal (indicators of entrepreneurial skills, method of diagnosis and blending career guidance with technico-economic advising)


Elaboration of a career guidance guide for the design of a « multimodal (blended) learning path » (pedagogical tools, technical and content specifications) 


Collection of pedagogical content, tools and techniques of multimodal professional guidance


Elaboration of a certification soft skills and informal learning (based on open badges approach)


Implementation / test kit for the prototype version of the multimodal career guidance model


Consolidated model of multimodal career guidance